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I have not watch much of the SJ / LA series but Quick must be off his game, I believe he was injuried leading up to the playoff so maybe he is not really 100% yet. Probably rushed him back into action before he was ready??
He need some goalie coach to work on that part of his game otherwise I think he can play in the NHL.
I thought Lineback played really well at times but as the annoucer said althought he made some great saves he was most always on his knees and the Habs took advantage of the with some important goals almost every game.
Lindback and Quick are not giving their teams any chance of winning a series. indback was horrible - not even AHL calibre tending!
and we have to make it really ahrd for them to enter our zone, oh ya also stay out of the penalty box

 Canadiens (3-0) vs. Lightning (0-3)

Energized by a close win in front of the home crowd, the Habs will look to complete the series sweep on Tuesday at the Bell Centre

A surprise offensive catalyst this postseason, Rene Bourque continued on his recent hot streak by corralling a P.K. Subban dump-in, breaking in alone, and snapping the puck under Anders Lindback’s armpit with just eleven seconds elapsed in the first period. Bourque, showing great aggression with and without the puck, led all players with eight shots on net during Sunday’s game.

The early goal set the tone, as the Canadiens never trailed in the game despite seeing Tampa Bay mount a serious challenge. Ondrej Palat scored on the powerplay midway through the second period after sitting out Game 2 due to injury. Late in the frame, P.K. Subban made a great individual effort to break through the Tampa defense, then slipped the puck over to an uncovered Brendan Gallagher. The winger went bar-down with a quick wrist shot to restore the Montreal lead.

Tomas Plekanec scored the eventual game-winner early in the third period, faking a shot and then beating a screened Lindback. Matt Carle made it close by converting on a point shot with nine minutes left in the game, but Montreal was able to weather the storm and came out with a 3-2 regulation win.

Early in the game, Brendan Gallagher was left bloodied after being boarded by a Tampa defender, but returned to the game in time to score his side’s second goal. Steven Stamkos was shaken up after colliding with Alexei Emelin in the second period, but also finished the game.

There is no doubt that Carey Price will have to be at the top of his game if the Canadiens are to complete the series sweep in Game 4. After posting a 0.840 save percentage in Game 1, Price has found his rhythm, putting up 0.963 and 0.931 performances in the next two outings. Considering that he has strung together three-game streaks of 0.900 goaltending or better on seven occasions in the 2013-14 regular season alone, chances are good that Price can backstop his team to its first series win since 2010.

Though Rene Bourque has been the toast of the town thanks to his offensive outbursts, the Max Pacioretty-David Desharnais-Thomas Vanek line is still the core of the team’s attack. Outshooting their opponents handily whenever they are on the ice together (29 shots on net through three games), the trio has benefited from favourable usage, starting more shifts in the Lightning zone (50.0%) than any other teammates.

Tomas Plekanec, for his part, has done a masterful job at shutting down Tampa’s best. Despite starting only 15.3% of his shifts in the offensive zone, Plekanec has managed to post a positive shot differential in addition to notching Game 3’s winning goal with a laser off the far post.

 Puck drop will be at 7:00PM E.S.T.

[writer] Avatar37 Writer I wouldn't say it's must win for the Habs, but it's certainly important. We don't want to give them any life, and now i ...
[admin] Senet1 aWriter To me this is as much a must win for us as it is for TB, since we do not want to give them any momentum to come back in ...

Hi-ya Kerry,

I find it amazing that with all the bad calls that were made in Game 3 of the Habs-Lightning series, people are up in arms about possibly the biggest call in the game that was one of the few that was correct. Would you please do us all a favour and explain why that goal was justly disallowed?

I really miss having you, Ron, Andy and Don refereeing games. You four were true professionals.

Bob (a.k.a. Avro Arrow on TSN.ca's comment threads)

P.S. - Please put it in layman's terms as I think that the on-air host may have used terminology that most people aren't familiar with.  LOL

Hey Bob: (a.k.a. Avro Arrow)

I give young referee Francis Charron kudos for having the courage to correctly apply rule 69.3 and disallow the potential go-ahead goal by Ryan Callahan with 4:22 remaining in the second period and the score tied 1-1.

The overriding rational of rule 69 (Interference on the Goalkeeper) is that a goalkeeper should have the ability to move freely within his goal crease without being hindered by the actions of an attacking player. There were two instances of goalkeeper interference by virtue of the rule on the play whereby a goal could not legally be allowed to stand if the puck entered the net.

In the first instance Alex Killorn took the puck hard to the net and initiated contact with Carey Price as he attempted to deke and jam the puck into the net. The rotation of Killorn's body and subsequent crash into the back of the net was as a result of his skate to pad contact with Price and not as a result of any back door pressure exerted by David Desharnais. (Check the footage closely!)  In attempting to make the save and as a result of the contact by Killorn the Montreal goalkeeper was knocked beyond his blue paint and was then struck by a falling Desharnais. If the puck were to have entered the net following the contact initiated by Alex Killorn the goal should immediately be disallowed.

As the action continued the referee would only allow a "good goal" once he determined that Price was able to reestablish his position within his goal crease to defend any subsequent shot following this initial contact from Killorn. Price got to his feet and moved laterally across the crease to establish his position and to defend a potential shot by Valtteri Filppula from the left side face-off circle. Alex Killorn was attempting to exit the net behind Price in this same moment and resulted in the second incident of goalkeeper interference inside the crease.

This time however the contact was initiated by Price and not through the actions of Alex Killorn. Nonetheless a violation of rule 69.3 occurred; (Rule 69.3 - If a goalkeeper, in the act of establishing his position within his goal crease, initiates contact with an attacking player who is in the goal crease, and this results in an impairment of the goalkeeper's ability to defend his goal, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed.) Even though the contact initiated by Price took him deep into 'left field,' it occurred inside the blue paint as Price was "attempting to establish position inside his goal crease" and could only be judged as such by the referee.

Price knows this rule better than most goalies in the NHL and that is why he threw himself into Alex Killorn inside the blue paint. Price has utilized this rule to his advantage on at least three occasions in previous games. I demonstrated a great montage of Price initiated contact inside his goal crease on That's Hockey 2Nite with Steve Kouleas following the Habs-Lightning game. In the footage, Price clearly initiated contact with attacking players inside his crease and in each case the referee immediately disallowed the goal.

Players, coaches, former players and fans don't fully understand the rule application or the standard by which the referees are instructed to enforce rule 69.  Until this "loophole" in the rule is closed referee Francis Charron and his colleagues will continue to enforce it in the same manner that we saw last night in Montreal. The NHL needs to come out in support of Francis Charron and the gusty, correct call he made. You did what is not only expected but demanded of you 'kid'.

In laymen's terms 'Avro Arrow', my best advice to attacking players is to keep out of the blue paint and to especially keep clear of Habs goalie Carey Price

My Habs Stars of the game:

1) Carey Price - Price played the best game that I've ever seen him play.  He look more engaged in the play than I've ever seen.  He made 25 saves on 26 shots and finished with a .931 sv%, but it was the level of game he brought that made this special to watch.  If he brings this to every playoff game, look out.

2) Rene Bourque - Bourque had another outstanding game, barely being displaced from the first star by Price.  Bourque finished with a goal, a whopping 8 shots on net, and the second highest team total of 3 hits (to Pacioretty's 4).  The announcer, at one point, said it was great watching numbers 17 and 67, because Bourque was like having another Pacioretty on the ice.  I'm not sure where Bourque's been the last 120+ games, but I'm glad his plane finally landed.  Welcome to Montreal, Mr. Bourque.

3) Brendan Gallagher - Gallagher finished with a goal, an assist, and tied for team high +/- with a +2.  Even a bloodied nose couldn't slow him down. 

Honourable Mentions:

Brandon Prust, Tomas Plekanec, Mike Weaver, PK Subban, Daniel Briere. 

Game Summary:

The Habs kept right on rolling.  Price played the best game I've ever seen from him.  Briere won 75% in the faceoff circle, and Desharnais went 65%.  Pacioretty and Bourque had big games.  Some questionable calls in this one but at least it went both ways.  The disallowed goal was a really tough call for the referee.  From his vantage point, it looked like Price had been bumped by the Tampa player and knocked off balance so he couldn't come across properly.  It wasn't enough for a penalty but was enough to disallow the goal.  This is what happens when certain calls are at the referee's discretion, each one will have different values and can only see things from their vantage point.  Both Subban's penalty and Briere's were also calls that made me shake my head, and one lead to a Lightning PP goal, so in my estimation, it all came out in the wash.

Not to get too far ahead, but if we win this series in 4, hopefully we don't get rusty waiting for the next team. 

I can't help but think sitting Murray this long is a mistake.  We're going to need him against either Boston or Philly, and his confidence is already shaken from his suspension, then coming back and playing one game before being benched by the coach for what was a good hit and shouldn't have been a penalty.  I think the coach should get him back on the ice for at least the next game to get Murray involved in what's going on, rather than trying to bring him in cold in the next series.

[admin] Senet1 aWriter The key to beating the Bruins is not getting sucked into their game, and play our game, speed and frustrating them like ...
[admin] Senet1 aWriter Other than Price it was hard for me to pick the next two stars, that is not to say I disagree with your choices. I real ...

My Habs Stars of the game:

1) Rene Bourque - Bourque finished with 2 goals, a +2, 4 shots, and 1 hit on the night.  More importantly, he skated hard, finished his check (I thought he had many more than 1 hit), and made me wonder why this Bourque can't show up every game, because when he does, he's going to be one of the stars on the team, and a difference maker.

2) Carey Price - Price made 26 saves on 27 shots, finishing with a .963 SV%, and very nearly had a shutout on the night.  Most importantly, he finished with some huge key saves at the right times during the game.  Price was the dominant force we've come to expect in net.

3) David Desharnais - Desharnais finished with 1 goal, a +1, 2 shots, and won 64% in the faceoff circle tonight.

4) PK Subban - Subban finished with 2 assists, a +1, and 3 shots on the night.  I thought he put in a good effort and earned a star.

Game Summary:

The Canadiens looked good right from the start tonight.  We went 1/4 on the power play, won 28 of 52 faceoffs, and for the most part played a good game.  The end of the first period and parts of the second were rough, and the team looked unfocused, but we managed to put together a strong finish. 

Now we need to be careful coming home.  All the pressure will be on us to win in front of the home crowd, and Tampa will be playing from behind.  We'll have to be extra disciplined and play a full 60 minutes of hockey if we're going to win this series, but if we keep getting production from Bourque and players like Weise, who also had a solid game, then things should go well for us.

[admin] Senet1 aWriter Last night was the first game I have seen PK fully involved in the game and I felt he played his best game since the Oly ...

 On Good Friday, the Habs will try to extend their series lead against the Lightning in Tampa Bay.

The opening game of the series had its share of gripping moments. In the end, the outcome was as good as it gets for the Canadiens' faithful. Dale Weise scored on a one-timer at 18:08 of the first overtime period to break a 4-4 tie. The goal was the Winnipeg native’s first career postseason tally and capped off an impressive performance from the Canadiens’ offensive units, which generated 44 shots to the Lightning’s 25.

Tampa struck first midway through the first period when Nikita Kucherov used a quick release to beat Carey Price between the pads. A scant nineteen seconds later, however, Tomas Plekanec evened the score by putting a wrist shot through Anders Lindback and just under the crossbar. Steven Stamkos restored the home team lead in the second period, but Lars Eller sprung Brian Gionta on a shorthanded breakaway and the captain buried his own rebound to shock the crowd. Both teams traded goals thereafter, with Lars Eller, Alex Killorn, Thomas Vanek and Steven Stamkos scoring in succession before the third period ran out.

Carey Price had a challenging start to the series. For most of the game, he stood by as his team was busy peppering the opposition with scoring chances. Tampa’s chances were few and far between, but dangerous when they did present themselves. After allowing four goals on the first 14 shots faced, Price held down the fort in key moments, making 11 consecutive saves before Weise ended the game in extra time.

Three Habs blueliners (Andrei Markov, P.K. Subban and Alexei Emelin) logged over 30 minutes in ice time. Leaders in shots on net were Thomas Vanek (7) and David Desharnais (6); four other players had four shots on goal apiece.

The Lightning may have to play Game 2 without Ondrej Palat. The dynamic forward left Wednesday’s game with an apparent injury and did not return. His place at the left of Steven Stamkos will likely be filled by Alex Killorn.

Puck drop will be at 7:00PM E.S.T. From Habs web site
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